Deer Creek Station

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Deer Creek Station
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Deer Creek Station
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South Dakota

Located in Brookings County near Elkton, South Dakota, Deer Creek Station is a combined-cycle power plant. The $405-million Deer Creek Station began commercial operation in 2012. There are 28 full-time employees at the plant.

The power plant uses natural gas delivered via the Northern Border Pipeline and a new 14-mile underground pipeline to the plant. The gas is purchased from Dakota Gasification Company. Dakota Gas is a subsidiary of Basin Electric that produces pipeline-quality natural gas by gasifying lignite coal at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant near Beulah, North Dakota.

Deer Creek is connected to the electric grid by less than one mile of new 345-kilovolt transmission line. The plant features two turbine-generator sets: one turbine fired by natural gas; the other is driven by steam. Both of the turbines are connected to generators.

Major equipment at the plant includes a combustion turbine fueled by natural gas; a heat recovery steam generator; a steam turbine driven by steam created from the heat of the gas turbine's exhaust; and an air-cooled condenser to cool and convert steam to water for re-use.

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20615 484th Avenue
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South Dakota