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Wyoming Lime Producers Frannie Lime Plant

Wyoming Lime Producers, a division of Dakota Coal Company, owns the Frannie Lime Plant, a lime manufacturing plant near Frannie, WY. Pete Lien & Sons of Rapid City, SD, operates the plant under a Lime Plant Marketing and Operating Agreement.

The Frannie Lime Plant converts limestone to high quality lime through a heat transfer process called calcination.

The cooled lime is then crushed and screened to meet customer sizing requirements and loaded onto railcars or trucks for delivery to Basin Electric's coal-based energy facilities for use in stack emission scrubbers. The lime also has other regional industrial and environmental uses.

Since its inception in 1993, Wyoming Lime Producers has purchased limestone from a nearby quarry managed by Montana Limestone Company.

In 2002, Dakota Coal Company purchased Montana Limestone Company to have better control over the quality of limestone mined and delivered to the Frannie Lime Plant.

Lime quality has a direct relationship with limestone quality. All coal-based power plants that use a dry scrubber system are demanding higher quality lime because of the more stringent Clean Air Act requirements.

Customers include power plants operated by Basin Electric, PPL Montana, Colorado Energy and Otter Tail Power Company.

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Cooperative power

About 7.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity is supplied to Wyoming Lime Producers annually by Big Horn Rural Electric Company.

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Dakota Coal Company
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